Friday, 27 October 2017

Sharp Practice II

Oooh look what I got for my recent birthday!

But what particular period of the black powder era will I consider gaming? The rules includes lists for
  • French-Indian War
  • American War of Independence
  • Peninsular War (perhaps an obvious choice given that I already have some suitable figures?)
  • American Civil War
  • Indian Mutiny (oh the lure of gaming Carry on Up the Khyber!)
Plus the TFL forum has lots of extra lists, e.g. Napoleonic Russians.

Now, at least one of my chums will know the answer, so no spoilers (yet)! More news as it happens. By the way, if you play these rules then perhaps you'd like to comment on what era you play. Id be interested to hear from you.


Paul O'G said...

Love this game BUT it does take a bit of playing to get your head around it, and the rules are written in a way that is not easy to find answers during a game. However, it is well worth the investment in time and we had some brilliant FIW games earlier this year.
I also highly recommend the campaign supplement, which we put through its paces and I'm looking forward to reopening that soon.

We did introduce a house rule - we put two Tiffen cards in the deck, and the turn ends on the second one. Love the randomness and uncertainty, but we found it could be unbalancing in smaller games. The second card reduces that but without loosing the unpredictability.

Looking forward to seeing what you do with it!

Rusty Gold said...

The table on page 82 is the Team leader points table . No idea why its so far back and named unusually . Took me a couple of weeks( in my spare time ) to work out thats required after the group lists . I would so like to reorganise the pages . This is best saved too :

George Anderson said...

Sounds like a typical TFL publication, but good luck Matt, enjoy.

Paul Scrivens-Smith said...

I've had a set for 18 months now - it was the first parcel that arrived from the UK when I moved here. After much pontificating after our trip along Route 66 we saw three suitably inspring western theatre battlefields and I've settled on ACW for my first Sharp Practice foray, two boxes of Perry Union are nearing completion and then it's on to some Rebels.

The Wargames Table said...

Thanks all, very kind :o)

@Scrivs - just added your lovely blog to my list on the right. Looking forward to seeing more SP2 stuff especially.

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