Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Bristol Big Uns Club Night

Sunday night is club night for the Bristol Big Uns and we really couldn't ask for a better venue than the superb Iron Acton village hall. We've recently splashed out on some of the new mouse pad style gaming mats and very good they are too.

My visit on Sunday last was only a flying visit but it was still great to catch up with everyone and have a little natter. I couldn't resist taking a few pics to share.

First we have a game of Lion Rampant between Mike and Simon. The figures are all Mike's (20mm Zvezda I think), I reckon they look splendid! The beauty of this game is that you don't need masses of figures and you can fit a couple of games in to an evening. This has rather caught my imagination :o)
French vs English
Both sides getting stuck in!
What beautiful knights!
Archers and billmen

Next is a very characterful game of Kings of War between Dave S and Dave G. It's Forces of Nature trying to thwart the advance of the shambling Undead.
The game in the balance
Figures emerging from the water. Both sides had lovely looking units!
Excellent tomb in that unit of Undead

Alan and Nigel created a little slice of Normandy for their Bolt Action game of Germans vs US Airborne. Both sides were attempting to capture the objective (the crates in the centre).
Both sides converge on the objective
That tank (somehow) survived 8 faust shots, a 'shrek and a heavy howitzer hit!
US Airborne making good use of cover

Finally, another game of Kings of War, between Matt and Steve. Orcs vs Kingdoms of Men. Again, both armies looked excellent - Matt was using his former WHFB Orc force whilst Steve fielded his Samurai-era Japanese.
Only one or two turns to go
Steve's cavalry :o)
Gunpowder armed troops!
Matt's Orc General and his "Orc Air Force" - yes, those are flying warboars!
Hope you enjoyed the tour. Thanks for looking.


Matt Crump said...

A proper gaming club night do wish there was one closer to where I live 😢

The Wargames Table said...

Where are you based? Feel free to email (see top right). Cheers. Matt.

Steve Evans said...

Nice to see you to mate and far to long since we've had a game,we will have to sort something out soon 🙂.

Phil said...

Beautiful tables and figures, thanks for sharing!