Saturday, 30 September 2017

Imperial Roman Rally Point

Here's my latest bit of modelling - a rally point (or objective marker, etc) for my Early Imperial Romans! For War & Conquest it's a rally point, but other games systems often require similar "objectives" or it can just be a nice piece of terrain.

The tent is resin, from Grand Manner. The stack of supplies came from Bad Squiddo Games, the shield from Black Tree with the excellent LBMS transfers. MDF base from Charlie Foxtrot.

Painting recipe: Tent - Foundry Spearshaft shade, a wash of Agrax, then the shade / mid / highlight, ie the full triad. Supplies - The darker wood was painted Foundry Bay shade, the 'parcels' in Foundry Buff shade, the jar in Foundry Conker Brown shade, the basket in Foundry Butternut shade. Then give the whole lot a wash of Agrax. Then highlight with the original base colour followed by the rest of each triad respectively. Note - for the dark wood just give it a light dry-drush of a light cream like VMC Dark Sand to bring out the texture.

Here's a closer shot of some of the details.

The fire pit was simply a circle of small stones with some short lengths of thick broom bristle glued in place. All ready to cook dinner on after a hard day of slaughtering barbarians!

The basing is exactly the same as the rest of my sandy/arid desert themed Romans: VMC Gold Brown as a base, then highlights of VMC Tan Yellow, VMC Dark Sand then some Foundry Boneyard light. Followed by a little static grass, a few tufts and a bit of clump foliage.

The reverse view.

Home from home whilst on campaign!

Thanks for looking!


roma912 said...

Great looking rally point or camp. Have a couple of the Grand Manner tents myself and they are really good terrain pieces.

Cheers, Ross

Phil Robinson said...

A fine looking piece to adorn the table top.

The Wargames Table said...

Thanks chaps! :o)

Phil said...

Superb, impressive attention to details...

JOHNBOND said...

Very nice work Matt like the attention to detail
cheers John

The Wargames Table said...

Again, thanks heaps!