Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Bolt Action Battle Report

Following the show in Penarth, Colin and I returned to Wargames Table Manor and, after a fine curry, set to with a game of Bolt Action. I'd designed both sides in this 750pt game so the core of each force was an almost full strength platoon consisting of the HQ plus 3 or 4 sections/squads along with a few little extras like a mortar or an HMG or even a sniper. Definitely no armour for this game either.

The scenario was simple - wipe out the opposing force. The winner would be decided by how many order dice had been lost (a win required a clear margin of two dice). There are only a few photos as the game was quite intense (in a very enjoyable way) so I forgot to take more.

The pic below shows the battlefield after turn one. My plan was to focus my attack on my right flank using the stout walls of the churchyard to give my troops plenty of good cover.

Interestingly, Colin's main attack was also on his right flank as he sought to make the best use of the cover offered by the café and the farmhouse. Both of us put one section/squad on our left flanks in order to slow any enemy advance. I also reinforced my left with the HMG whilst Colin placed his mortar on his left adjacent to the café.

We each had a sniper: mine went in the church tower (had to really!) whilst Colin put his chap in the upstairs of the café. However the sniper duel rapidly went in favour of the Germans - after which he was able to turn his attention to the rest of Colin's force.

Having shredded the one squad on my left, and reduced the HMG to just one crewman, Colin makes a bold advance around the café.

Whilst across the field my chaps are moving around the church. One squad of regulars left the churchyard and moved through the orchard. The idea was to take up a position on the edge of the field and hold up the British advance.

Below, Colin is withdrawing his left flank section as they face overwhelming opposition and were racking up the pins.
In the road you can see a German squad that's been caught in the open! I used my last dice of the turn to move them in to the road hoping to get an early German dice in the next turn to move them over the hedge... But a series of British dice came out of the bag and they got shot up quite badly.

This pic is a couple of turns later. The squad that were holding the hedge have been slaughtered almost to the last man - an amazing series of dice rolls meant he stayed in the fight! 
My flamethrower team had crept through the orchard and hosed down one section in the previous turn, forcing them to run. But here the brave fellow has made a dash towards the jeep and the section by the cafe - the second shot was rather less effective and he disappeared in a hail of bullets.

The last couple of turns saw both of us trying to gain the upper hand with our now rather battered forces. The action went right up to the last dice roll! My Germans had the upper hand with 4 VPs whilst Colin's British had 3 VPs. With a margin of only 1 VP it was, strictly speaking, a draw ... but I'd call that a winning draw ;o)

A hugely enjoyable game that was close all the way from the start right through to the last dice. My thanks to Colin for being a splendid opponent.


Phil Robinson said...

A fine report and great looking table and toys, it's good to see a game sans tanks too.

Matt said...

Thanks Phil! I rather like tank-less games, you can concentrate on your core troops :o)

Rodger said...

Looks awesome Matt!

Matt Crump said...

Nice looking game....just found your blog and we have a number of common interests so will follow with interest 😀

Matt said...

Hey Matt!
Welcome... Do you blog?

Matt Crump said...

Yep 😀 Matt

Tim Eagling said...

Nice looking game there fella:0)

Matt said...

@Tim - cheers buddy!! :o)

harada57 said...
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