Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Tis the season

It’s that time of year when we as gamers tend to look back at what we’ve achieved and then waffle on about future plans for new armies, grand scenery projects and glorious conquests!!! Well, I’m no exception ;o) so here we go...

What have I achieved this year?
  • Attended my first Bolt Action tournament and had a blast! Competitive? Yes it was, but in a very open and friendly way.
  • Played Kings of War – some superb games especially in Steve’s man-shed and with the Cornish crowd :-D
  • Participated in a superb Bolt Action campaign with Orange Dave (ok, the finale is still to play but the five games we’ve had so far have been awesome!)
  • Completed a number of very enjoyable scenery projects, e.g. the Charlie Foxtrot Brasserie, the CFM Signal Box and a scratch built railway, etc.
  • Took part in several gaming weekends with friends – always great fun!
  • Kept my painting ticking along by completing a WW2 British Para force plus added a few more units to both the Panzergrenadiers and British Regulars.
  • Attended a number of brilliant shows (often posing as Colin’s “glamorous” assistant!) such as Penarth and Bovington.

For 2017...

I’d definitely like to get some more regular gaming in (although Jan and Feb are already looking busy!) with Dave, Steve, Mike, Rob, Paul, Colin, etc. This is going to require quite a bit of careful planning and time management.

Completing Ongoing Projects
Inspired by Steve’s sterling efforts this year in getting projects finished I think I may try to do something similar. I don’t really need to buy much – except maybe some more paint & brushes.
  • EIR – finally complete this army (I only started it in 2007!) but there’s still quite a bit to paint.
  • WW2 Germans – more support weapons and an armoured car.
  • WW2 British Regulars/Paras – some armour!
  • WW1 British LW army – more infantry and some artillery. Maybe align a few games with some of the battle centenaries.
This will be high up on the list too! I have some items to paint for others (I will get them done Paul, honest!). Plus, there are several CFM kits that I plan to add to my collection.

Increase my painting rate (but c’mon we all say that don’t we?) – this ties in nicely with getting projects completed.

A couple of friendly competition/tournament weekends would be ideal!

Go along to Penarth, Plymouth, Legionary (maybe) and Bovington – others too I expect.

And finally...

Merry Christmas!!

Best wishes to you all for a peaceful and joyous Festive Season!!


George Anderson said...

Merry Christmas to you to!

Michael Mills said...

A great year by the sounds of it. Looking forward to what you share with us next year. Merry Christmas!

Matt said...

Merry Christmas to you both, good Sirs!! :o)

JOHNBOND said...

Have a great Christmas and a happy new year Matt,
and enjoy the holiday break
cheers John :-)

Matt said...

Thank you John, same to you! :o)

GuitarheroAndy said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours! I've avoided listing any planned projects for 2017 on my blog as I never ever get 'em done! ;-)

Nana Bridget said...

come here