Sunday, 20 November 2016

Scenic Bits and Bobs

I like to be able to decorate my tables with a few extra little scenic items to help give the impression that the buildings are 'lived in'. Here are a few I completed very recently.
Boxes and a crate of tomatoes.
They're a mix of resin (Ainsty and Grand Manner), plastic (Tamiya 1:48) and metal (Foundry) figures.
Lettuces and apples... fancy a fruit salad, Sir?
The paint scheme was simple block colours, a bit of wash then some highlights. The oil drums were just VMC Russian Green. I may base these as a little vignette. Think I might get some more too! They'd make a great little objective marker.
Oil drums and fuel cans... perhaps not ideal cover?
A couple of my buildings have proper gardens so I thought a wheelbarrow for the gardener might be a good idea. Clearly the owner of this one enjoys a glass or two whilst trimming the hedges!!

I've based it to match the paths on the buildings with gardens. Nice little figure I thought. That Tommy has his eye on the crate!

I've almost finished the Charlie Foxtrot Brasserie so will post that up soon!


JOHNBOND said...

Nice little additions for the gaming table, Nice work Matt
cheers John

Phil said...

Wow, wonderful scenic items!

Matt said...

Thanks chaps! :o)