Monday, 28 November 2016

Bolt Action Templates from Charlie Foxtrot

The new second edition of Bolt Action sees the addition of templates for things like HE, so Colin has produced a superb set of templates and tokens (available here) to aid smooth game play. Here's my (slightly customised) set :o)

Here are the 'turret jammed' and 'vehicle immobilised' tokens.

These are the 'snap to action', 'air strike' and 'hidden' tokens. The snap to action token allows you to clearly note which units are being commanded by putting the newly drawn order dice in the token. No danger of muddling them up with units that have already been given a dice.

Here is the blast marker template. Note the double 1" token in the centre, just like it's shown in the diagrams for HE in the book.

The set also includes dice holders for continuing fire weapons such as mortars - helps to avoid the dice being picked up during play.

All that for the very reasonable sum of just £7.50, so why not grab yourself a set?


Rodger said...

Just what I need too, thanks Matt!

Dai said...

I like Charlie Foxtrot buildings very much. Might well pick up a set of these in the future. Thanks for the preview!

JOHNBOND said...

Yes, Charlie Foxtrot makes some great stuff, like the person touch on one of the templates.
cheers John

Matt said...

Thanks chaps!

@John - yes, Colin is very talented and definitely obsessive when it comes to the details!! :o)