Sunday, 9 October 2016

A bit of World War One

Wargames Table chums Rob Broom and Orange Dave put on a rather splendid Somme inspired WW1 demo game for Dave's superb Zero Hour rules at the Worlds show, Donnington (01/10/16). Now, I couldn't make it along but I did supply some scenery and troops so I was kind of there in spirit! ;o)  Here's a few pics... (slightly dodgy lighting made good pics quite tricky)

British mass for the attack on the German trenches
From the German side
New technology makes it's debut ... a tank rumbles into the line!
Not to be outdone... he comes the RFC
The French also attack
The tank proves useful at cutting through obstacles
A shattered farm somewhere on the Somme
Every battlefield needs a river
The British reach the trench lines! Hurrah!

Hopefully this demo game will gradually expand and feature at a few more shows!


George Anderson said...

That does look good, great way to showcase the rules.

Dannoc said...

Great looking set up and very effective scenery.

Matt said...

Thank you kindly good sirs! :o)