Monday, 4 July 2016

Gaming in the Shed - Game 2

So game two and it's time for some WW2 action... Bolt Action to be precise. Steve has some lovely First Corps Russians and I must say that these are really characterful figures... very tempting especially as I know a bloke who does a very nice line in Russian buildings! Anyway - it's late war and the Russians are pushing in to Germany, so I used what scenery I had to do a little rural scene. Here are the forces deployed at the end of turn one. Steve has put everything on the table whereas I've held one squad and the Panzer IV in reserve.
The battlefield after turn one.

Now, I took a heap of photos at the start but only a few as we played. Mainly because I just wanted to get on and enjoy what turned out to be a superb game. So here's some more pics of the forces.
Looking along the Russian lines.
Some of my Germans - looks a bit sparse!?
Advancing along the road and through the orchard.
The advancing Russians.
There does seem to be quite a few of them!
A view from behind the German positions.
Yes, my CO is hiding behind a shed!
Whilst Steve made the tea, I got a bit carried away with these low level shots ;o)
A view from behind the Russian position.
And another ;o)

Right, on to the game... Steve's T34 made short work of the German squad that was behind the fence next to the stone barn. So on came my trusty Panzer IV but the gunner couldn't quite land a telling shot on the Russian tank, but he did immobilise it by knocking out the tracks. In response the Russian tank commander order his gunner to open fire ... with exactly the same result. So, it's turn 2 and the two immobilised but otherwise operational tanks prepare to blaze away at each other.
Tank duel!!!

On my right flank I was giving the Russian squad by the farmhouse a good thrashing with my MG42s.
The Russian attack is blunted by German LMGs

As the game progressed the Russian numbers began to tell. There just seemed to be so many of them!! The tank duel was hilarious. At the start of each turn there was a wonderful moment of suspense as the first dice was drawn - who would get to activate their tank first!! The T34 landed several hits on the Pz IV but couldn't penetrate the armour. The German reply was equally ineffective. It was all rather funny actually.

The weather provided us with an impressive and rather suitable 'soundtrack' for the game. Several big thunderstorms rolled overhead as our forces battled it out. The rain fell so heavily at times that I wondered if the shed might float away!

My Panzershreck team had to cross all the way from the other flank before they could (in turn six!) draw a bead on the pesky T34.
Don't miss the shot Hans! ... Bang. Whoosh. Dammit!! ... Dakka-Dakka ... Aaaah!

Alas the shot missed (by just one pip on the dice!!). The tank replied very effectively with it's hull MG. Scratch one 'shreck team!

Here an NCO from one of my squads seeks shelter behind the sentry hut. But in the distance you can just make out a Russian AT gun. With no other better target (AT guns are not particularly effective against infantry) Steve decided to put a shell in to (or rather 'through') the hut.
Ha-ha you Russians... can't see me now can you!?

Boom!! No hut nor any sign of the hapless NCO. Note Steve's slightly smug arms folded pose in the background ;o) ;o) ;o)

That was pretty much the last shot of the game. Totting up the VPs it was 4-2 to Steve, so another close win for the host. Well done mate! :o)

The tanks had provided great entertainment throughout the game. German fire-power had really made it tough for the Russians to advance but in the end their numbers carried the day - but only just. Brilliant fun all round I'd say. Thanks again to Steve for hosting the games!


Phil said...

Sounds like a fantastic game, beautiful pictures!

JOHNBOND said...

Thoroughly enjoyed reading and viewing the pics,Those Russian Hordes can be tough!
thanks for sharing Matt.
cheers John

Rodger said...

Looks and sounds wonderful Matt!

George Anderson said...

Nice report, I shall avenge you tonight Matt, hopefully. I do like the brickwork on that barn, pray tell.

Matt said...

Thanks all, very kind :o)