Friday, 8 July 2016

Bovington Wargames Show

Battlegroup South recently staged their annual two-day show in Bovington Tank Museum, what a venue eh!? I also had the great pleasure of helping out Wargames Table chum Colin with his stand for Charlie Foxtrot Models – always great fun!
Colin's impressive stand packed with lovely models!

Unsurprisingly there is a display dedicated to the film/tank “Fury”. Can you believe that I (almost) had to stop Colin from licking the tank? ;o)

Two chaps getting in the way of a nice picture of a tank ;o)

The show had a good range of games; historical, sci-fi and fantasy, 6mm to 40mm, etc. A couple really caught my eye so here's a few photos.
20mm WW2

Packed with little details

Well worth a good look round

The game is Soldiers of God, Arabs vs Crusaders

Beautifully painted in sumptuous colours

I was very restrained in my purchases at this show. A few Vikings, a couple of packs of WW1 British and a few tables/chairs from 4Ground. All bought from Stu and Scott of the excellent Colonel Bills stand; good to have a natter with you fellas!

The Vikings are to expand my Saga war band. The WW1 British were a bit of an impulse buy as I’ve been thinking about some big WW1 games with Dave, Steve, Rob, etc next year to mark some of the centenaries. More on that in the future, hopefully. By the way, I’m allowed to purchase the MDF table and chairs from 4Ground coz Colin doesn’t have any in his range yet. :-P

It was a real pleasure to chat to visitors to the CFM stand and also wander round chatting to other traders and gamers. It’s great to hear what other people are doing with the kits and just share a mutual enthusiasm for all things gaming. Plus it’s always good to meet up with old friends and make a few new ones.

As it was a two day show, Colin and I camped in the field adjacent to the museum. My range of camping equipment is a bit limited but Colin looked after me in fine style – thank you! There was also a beer tent and a BBQ, along with a quiz for those who didn’t mind the cold/wind/rain! Can’t do much about the weather.

In summary then, a well organised and friendly show with a range of traders to suit most tastes. Add in some impressive games run by friendly and enthusiastic gamers, plus a superb venue and you have all the ingredients for a great show. Look forward to the 2017 event!

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