Saturday, 18 June 2016

More Painted British Paras

I needed a few extra Paras to bulk out some of my sections. We often play games with limited armour so there's plenty of points to go round for more men, even relatively expensive elite troops like British Paras. Here they are.
Last one over the hedge is a rotten egg!
No! Back this way chaps!
Keeping an all round look out for Jerry
We loves painting camo ... don't we precious? :-/
My painting recipe can be found here if you're interested.

A lovely figure I've had for ages is the Warlord Medic, here he is.

Rushing forward with morphine and bandages at the ready! I probably ought to paint some sort of armband on him - I had assumed that it would be sculpted on the figure but it's not. Whatever?

He even has a little mug on his backpack - after all who doesn't feel better after a nice cup of tea?

Thanks for looking!


Rodger said...

Excellent work Matt! Really keen to do a smallish Para force at some stage.

Paul O'G said...

Very nice Matt

Matt said...

Cheers fellas! :o)

Monty said...

Great stuff!

Michael Mills said...

Very nice! The camo is super.

JOHNBOND said...

Very nice paint job Matt and yes, the camo does look great.

Steve63 said...

Great work!

Matt said...

Thanks again all! The Paras are pretty much complete now. I have a handful of infantry left plus maybe a spotter for the 3" mortar. Although I do wonder if I should add either an AT gun or maybe a howitzer? Artizan have great models for both! ;-)

Hobbyworker said...

Great looking squad!

Mehdi Noui said...