Thursday, 2 June 2016

British Para Mortar and Forward Observer

My Paras really needed some fire support so here's a 3 inch mortar.

With these 'team' weapons I generally prefer to keep all the figures on one base. It looks more natural and allows room for a bit more scenery. It does mean you have to track casualties with little markers but that's not exactly onerous.

If you're interested then you can find out a lot more about mortars here ;o)

The Paras also needed a proper Forward Observer to rain shells on the enemy! (In Bolt Action this is a free - and very welcome - addition to most British forces) I haven't added a radio aerial as they always seem to break off.

I assume the extensible cover for the radio backpack protects it from the elements and maybe makes the knobs and dials easier to see and use?

Thanks for looking.


A-Historian said...

Piano wire makes great aerials - you can get it in all sorts of thicknesses, and it's super springy rather than brittle or bendable.

George Anderson said...

Virgin Gorda Island 197?, my brother left our ship after partaking of HMS Tartar radio ops hospitality, hadn't strapped the radio in, guy handed it down upside down, radio fell out and nearly killed him, then nearly lost his legs looking for it over the side of landing craft. Happy days :)

Matt said...

@A-H, thanks for the tip

@George - Crumbs! The things you hear from ex-service personnel, makes your hair curl! I've spent some time with both army and RAF pilots and they too have some great stories! Glad your brother kept his head.. and his legs! ;-)

JOHNBOND said...

Nice paintwork on the Paras and useful link Matt, also like the look of the crop field in the background.
cheers John

Matt said...

Thanks John, very kind :o)
I hope to do a little step-by-step for gardens, crops, etc some point.

Rodger said...

Very very nice Matt!

Paul O'G said...

Nice addition to your para force Matt - mine has always come in very handy too, especially to lay smoke and screen an assault by your Red devils. I also added a Light Howitzer (the Warlord one) which worked very well for Bolt Action games. You can them here:

For a flexible radio antenna, try using a nylon bristle from a broom - very flexible!

JOHNBOND said...

Thanks Matt, that would be great I am starting to gather info on building terrain

Matt said...

Thanks all for your kind words! :o)

@Paul - Superb paras you have there!! Like the howitzer too, looks very useful ;o)

Paul O'G said...

Thanks Matt. The artillery is a 75mm Pack Howitzer. I used this Warlord model which comes with crew:

I see they also just released the Polsten Gun for some AA defence, which looks lovely too...