Friday, 24 June 2016

British 3inch Mortar and Spotter

Apparently there's been some sort of vote going on ... !?!?! ... Anyway, let's not worry about that and instead look at some toys! :o)

Mortars are (IMHO) a 'must have' for any World War Two force. So here's one for my British regulars.

Unusually for me I've mounted the figures on separate bases... not sure why? I just sort of did it :-S
But I'm happy with the result all the same.

In Bolt Action you can add a spotter to a 3 inch mortar team, so here he is with binoculars at the ready.

Thanks for looking!


Smillie said...

Very nice.

Service Ration Distribution (Hobby) said...

Looking good.

Rodger said...

Looking very nice indeed Matt!

JOHNBOND said...

Nice work Matt :-)

George Anderson said...

Very nice as ever. I was toying with the idea of separate crew but chickened out. I have some British 2" mortars but they don't seem to fit in to Bolt Action.

Matt said...

Thanks chaps! Very kind :o)

@George - I think they're just light mortars. I use them almost every time, great for dropping smoke right in front of Jerry's MG42s ;o)