Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Fun in Cornwall

A recent trip to see friends in Cornwall was an absolute blast! Some of the best fun to be had in a l-o-n-g time! Thanks to Colin and Nik, Paul and Helen, and Vicky, plus the boys for a superb weekend of fun, games, great company, fine food and excellent walks!!! This included a first play of a truly awesome after dinner card game (which is a must-buy) plus ... I learnt a huge amount about Robots, Marvel Superheroes and Dinosaurs! ;o)

Games first ... of course we managed to squeeze a couple of games in between all the sight-seeing. The first game was splendid Kings of War bash with Colin, which (being a KoW supremo) he won with ease. I've blogged about KoW before so 'nuff said. The other game we played was none other than the latest offering from Too Fat Lardies ...
Version 2.0

Now, Paul has only just taken delivery of a hefty order from Front Rank miniatures (we were opening the packs to put them on the table!) so only a few are painted, but hey, who cares when you're keen to try out some new rules!
Our very first game - which we didn't have time to finish ;o)

I'll do a proper review in future but in brief you need around 50 figures plus a few extras, the game takes a couple of hours (a little longer for us as noobs) and IMHO captures the feel of small scale Napoleonic actions very well indeed. The game seems to unfold like a story or a set of scenes from a play. It's hard to explain.

In game two Paul managed to drive off my skirmishers with his own and then launch what can only be described as a spectacular flank attack at the point of the bayonet. Up til that point my dice rolling had been jammier than a pot of Hartley's finest but then he really pulled it out of the bag to claim victory. Truly the stuff of a proper Sharpe book/film!
Game two - a solid French (Paul) victory.

Naturally a few pics were taken whilst out and about. Never as good as being there but hopefully you'll get the idea. Colin guided us around a local landmark called Kit Hill. A fine, relaxing walk and a spiffing lunch at the cafe! Thanks matey!
Kit Hill Panorama - bit misty though!
The Kit Hill Llama
A disused quarry - sublimely peaceful
A wonderfully picturesque bridge with a crystal clear river

Paul guided us along a favourite coastal walk; Porthtowan to St Agnes Head. The weather was amazing - it really couldn't make up it's mind. Blustery rain one minute, warm sunshine the next! Getting out and enjoying the landscape is good for the soul I reckon.
A rather shonkily stitched panorama of Porthtowan ;o)
Another gloriously rugged inlet
The cliff-tops are just beginning to get a carpet of flowers
Haunting remains of Cornwall's mining heritage
Look closely to see the beautiful flora
What a splendid view looking back along the coast to Porthtowan and beyond
Our route (2.5 miles each way according to Google Earth)


JOHNBOND said...

Stunning country side Matt,
cheers John

David Toone said...

Loving the Cornwall pictures Matt - one of my favorite places on this beautiful Island of ours!