Friday, 22 April 2016

Forthcoming Gaming Goodness

I expect many of you will have already seen the Facebook advert from Gripping Beast about their forthcoming massed battle rules "Swordpoint" ... Well, I'm rather intrigued by this. Penned by Martin Gibbins etc along with all the creative input from the GB team, it has to be worth a look!

There was a demo of it at Salute, but I couldn't make it along this year. There's also some vague info from Guy Bowers on the WSS blog here. In the FB comments/replies there's talk of books of lists, etc. They've supported SAGA very well so it looks promising for Swordpoint.

Talking of SAGA ... The campaign supplement "Age of the Wolf" was previewed at Salute and will be available generally next month. I'm very excited about this too. SAGA has been crying out for a campaign system and if this review is anything to go by then it looks very promising indeed.

Also, in the FB discussion were comments about a forthcoming Arthurian supplement for SAGA. This is music to my ears!! :o) A box of plastics should give me enough Arthurian/British to build a force, whilst the wilder looking figures in my Anglo-Saxon army should work well as Early Saxons. The scale of SAGA suits my own view of wargaming for this fascinating if somewhat shrouded period of British history.

Both lots of rules aren't due out until later this year; November (for Swordpoint) to be precise, which is good as it might just give me enough time to get all my WW2 figures, vehicles and buildings built and painted before I'm pulled back to a much earlier era of gaming.

Added to that will be the opportunity for me to get my Vikings sorted - which will also double up as ferocious Men of the North (or possibly Varangur) for Kings of War.
I've played a few games of Kings of War now and it really is sublime. My old Bretonnians will hopefully make an appearance as The Brotherhood. Or my Romans might get an overhaul plus some new painting? Anyway, Kings of War ... Highly recommended!

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Paul O'G said...

I'm looking forward to hearing more about Swordpoint!