Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Better Storage for My WW2 Troops

I've been having a very cathartic clear out and tidy up; and as part of this I've decided to re-organise how I've been storing my WW2 troops. I've ordered a bunch of Really Useful Boxes but in the mean time I picked up a couple of 4 litre boxes from WH Smith.
Old storage solution
The figures (mostly individually based) were stored in the old GW cases with foam trays. Well protected but a bit fiddly. So, with some of the 'teams' already mag-based I decided to go the whole hog and mag-base the lot.

To line the boxes I needed some steel paper so on Easter Monday afternoon I placed an order with Trevor at Magnetic Displays / Coritani. Within about 15 minutes (I jest not!) I received an email from Trevor saying that the items would be in the post first thing on Tuesday morning. Sure enough on Wednesday morning the order arrived! You simply cannot get better customer service than that. A good price and excellent product too. Highly recommended! I already have their 0.8mm mag tape - that's very good too.
German (Alpine?) troops mag-based and ready!

Here's the box lined with steel paper. I like the white finish as it makes it easier to spot particular figures in a crowded box.
New storage solution

In go the troops and, with some care, I gently give the box the "over the head test".... and no one fell out :o)
All present and correct Herr General!

The British/Paras get the mag-base treatment.
Some of my Brits/Paras await re-deployment

But as the boxes aren't quite ready I'll store them somewhere safe.
Hang on! Keeping the dust off them.

When I get the rest of the boxes then I'll be able to completely re-organise my gaming storage which is currently spread across a variety of plastic crates and cardboard / shoe / tool boxes.


JOHNBOND said...

Great idea Matt, I follow this school of thought in regards to magnetic bases on the base of figures, makes life easier in regards to moving figures in/out of container, are more secure and more pleasing to the eye in regards to presentation.

George Anderson said...

Lovely Germans Matt, shows me up.

Matt said...

@John - thank you!

@George - Rhubarb sir! (or should that be "Rhabarber mein Herr!") Your Germans will look super I'm sure :o)