Friday, 5 February 2016

Getting Ready for my first Bolt Action Tournament

I'm fielding British Paras at Plymouth's Bolt Action tournament this year. Here's the first 500pts almost ready...

(EDIT: This pic was taken before I painted the jeeps so this force is now fully painted!) :o)
It consists of:
  • HQ: 2nd Lt & Para
  • Light mortar team
  • Forward Artillery Observer
  • Medic
  • 6 Paras with rifles
  • 6 Paras (4 rifles and a Bren gun team)
  • 6 Paras (2 rifles, 4 Sten) - the 'assault' team!
  • Recce jeep with twin Vickers K

There's some way to go for the 1,000pt version!

This is basically the 500pt force, plus:
  • PIAT team
  • Regular jeep with a Vickers K
  • 3" mortar plus observer (replacing the light mortar)
  • Sniper team
  • 8 Paras (6 rifles & Bren team)
  • 8 Paras (6 rifles & Bren team)
  • Vickers MMG

Thankfully chum Colin is kindly loaning me the extra figures I need. My Paras were collected with Chain of Command in mind, so I'm a few figures away from a full 1,000pts in Bolt Action. Reinforcements will be on the way soon.

Thus far I've played almost three games: a win, a loss and the third game didn't get finished. They've all been great fun. Given my lack of practical Bolt Action experience I'm not expecting to do that well, but anyway I'm mainly going along to see old friends, make new friends and have some fun!

Hopefully I'll have a full AAR and show report next week.


George Anderson said...

Great stuff Matt, I will look forward to your report, might just push me over the edge.

Rodger said...

Good luck Matt! Enjoy the time.

JOHNBOND said...

Happy hunting for your tournament.