Saturday, 27 February 2016

Bolt Action Club Game

Managed to get along to the club last Sunday for a game of Bolt Action with Orange Dave. He had his early/mid war desert British and I had my Late War Germans - not quite historical I know - but good fun all the same :o)

First, here's a few pics of some of Dave's most recent brushwork. This is the OQF 2lb Portee. Lovely isn't it!

Another view.
What I hadn't realised is that this particular model had been equipped with an experimental "temporal displacement reactor" which allowed it to zip about the battlefield with frightening speed ... definitely not Cricket!?! Or rather it was a case of both players not quite knowing what the rules are!! :o)

Here are some of Dave's infantry, mainly Perry's I think.

Right ... on to the game. Just 500pts per side for the Maximum Attrition scenario. I threw some of my scenery on to the table and we set to. Here's the end of turn 1 - we both put most of our forces on to the table in turn one keeping only a small amount in reserve.

The early game shooting from the German lines was frankly shocking - clearly the ammo was being sabotaged by POWs. Whereas the British were more like "Arnie" ... fire one shot and two Jerries fall dead!

What also didn't help my cause was that (yet again) I'd hurriedly cobbled a list together without any AT capability whatsoever ... Doh!? ... this only became apparent when Dave put the Bren carrier on the road and hosed down an infantry squad. If I could get men close enough they could assault it with grenades (probably quite effectively - dice permitting) but I doubted Dave would be so obliging as to drive it very close to my lines.

Dave's Portee proved highly effective with its 2lb gun and an MMG - plus the "enhanced" manoeuvrability ;o) but by turn 4 it was still only one unit wiped out each.

Turn 6 and in this pic you can see that on the left, by the fence, two of my 9 man squads were down to just one man each (plus they were badly pinned) yet somehow the dice let me keep them in play?!?

In a last ditch attempt to gain victory Dave threw everything against the shattered squads and the sniper and light mortar teams ... but all of his early shooting had clearly depleted his ammo stores and the Germans hung on grimly for a draw one VP each!

A good fun game with some crazy dice rolling and a few proper comedy moments. What more could you ask for eh? (Well, a win would have been nice but I'll settle for a draw this time ;o))

I'm pleased to report that several other club-goers are interested in either getting back in to Bolt Action or giving it a whirl for the first time. Plus Dave has been inspired to write up a rather good ladder campaign! So hopefully plenty more action to follow! :o)


Service Ration Distribution (Hobby) said...

Nice gear and AAR.

Rodger said...

Great report and looks fantastic Matt!

Matt said...

Thanks chaps! :-)