Monday, 14 December 2015

More British Paras Completed

More painted paratroopers on parade! Here's the first section, ready to give Jerry a good biff on the nose.

The Rifle team, including an NCO with a sten gun.

Sergeant (with a very bristling top lip) and the Bren gun team.

Again, I've really enjoyed these figures. They're a mixture of Artizan and Crusader models. As promised, here's how I painted them (if you're interested).

The recipe:
  • Undercoat - Warlord British Uniform Brown spray.
  • Trousers - VMC English Uniform (921).
  • Smock - Foundry Moss mid (29B).
  • Helmet - Foundry Forest Green mid (26B). The attached camo strips and/or leaves can be painted in any mixture of greens.
  • Beret - Foundry British Redcoat shade (68A). Add a tiny bit of any dark red/brown for the base.
  • Flesh - Foundry Flesh mid (5B).
  • Webbing, packs, etc - VMC Russian Green (924).
  • Rifle - Foundry Spearshaft shade (13A).
  • Camo on smock - Patches of GW Scorched Brown (or VMC Flat Brown 984) and Foundry French Dragoon Green shade (70A).
  • Water Bottle - VMC Flat Earth (983).
  • Boots - GW Black then highlight with Foundry Charcoal Black mid (34B)
Then wash with GW Agrax Earthshade or Army Painter Strong Tone dip/ink (whichever you prefer). Make sure this is properly dry before continuing!

Now highlight with the original base colours. The next step is optional but well worth doing, apply a quick second highlight with the next colour in the Foundry triad or the VMC colour mixed with a little Foundry Boneyard light or VMC Dark Sand (847). Then I paint the weapons, cap badges, etc - just black followed by a very light drybrush of GW Leadbelcher. You could instead try a mid blue/grey instead of silver if you prefer.

Finish with a layer of good matt varnish such as W&N Galeria or W&N Artist's Anti-UV. I prefer the brush on variety. The basing was as described in the previous Paras post. Section number two and the PIAT team are well underway.


Paul Scrivens-Smith said...

Oooh very nice. Great work there.

Paul O'G said...

Cracking stuff Matt - cant have a stout British NCO without a very striking moustache!

Rodger said...

Great work on these guys Matt! Thanks for the colour tips too, they will be useful when I get started on mine.

JOHNBOND said...

Yes thanks Matt for the painting guide for the Paras, very nice models and bases.

Stefan (aka. Monty) said...

Excellent work, Matt!

Matt said...

Thanks to you all, section two nearly done :o)

Moiterei_1984 said...

Fabulous work on these fellows! Always loved the british Paras and yours are truly amazing.

Matt said...

@Moiterei_1984 - many thanks kind sir! :-)

Carlo said...

Wonderful work Matt - truly small works of art and I too really like the Artizan WW2 figures.

Matt said...

Thank you Carlo, you're very kind.