Sunday, 6 December 2015

Building More Roads - Another Quick Tutorial

This time it's some cobbled roads. Ideal for villages, but usable anywhere. The basic technique is very similar to the country roads in that the sections are made from strips of cork tile. However, these road sections are much easier to make!!

This is what they look like on the table.
Some bold Germans despatch a Centaur that was about to interrupt the officer's party at the cafe. Svine-hund!?

My regular reader ;o) may recall seeing them from reports of a recent campaign to capture Monty. Anyway, quite a few people have asked how they were made, hence this post.

As mentioned they are strips of cork tile to which I have glued some sections of printed cobble-effect card purchased from my local model shop. Make sure that the card has a good matt finish as any shine will look odd. Paint the edges of the cork a mid-grey to match the card.

Here are the sheets; enough for 8 straight sections 27cm x 9cm and four larger areas, approx 27cm x 20cm, all for about £5.

Tip - to avoid curling, use as little glue as possible to stick the card to the cork. Make sure it's a good quality glue that has minimal shrinkage. Also, it's a good idea to place a few matchsticks or a thin paintbrush under the middle of the road section (laid cobbled side up!) so that any curling is offset as it dries, resulting in a nice flat road to finish.

Happy road-building! :-)


JOHNBOND said...

Good idea Matt

Andy Duffell said...

Phil's got loads of printed ones mounted on foamcore. Assume those sheets are actually textured, Matt?
The one problem with them IMO is you can't do curves neatly, but they look great with lots of buildings where you can do 90° corners.

Matt said...

Andy, they're very similar to Phil's roads. They're only printed, not textured, but the artwork is good enough to look almost 3D. You're right about the curves though. The larger sheets in the pack 'could' be used for curves but the cobble-effect pattern wouldn't align properly which would trigger my OCD! ;-)

Andy Duffell said...

Tbh we just bodge them together anyway.

Garrett Gatzemeyer said...

These look great...and so easy! I've been thinking about doing something similar. Do you have any tricks for marrying up your cobblestone and dirt road sections? Any techniques for blending the two?

Matt said...

Garret, thank you :-)
Hadn't really thought about how to blend or join the two road types. I did make them the same width so that's a good start. I suppose I'd take a cobbled section and paint one end to match the country road, then just use the same colours to blend it towards the cobbles. May be a cattle grid could hide the join (if they had them in the 40's?).

Matt said...

@Andy... "bodge"??? You mean "artfully arrange"? ;-)