Sunday, 8 November 2015

Starting another WW2 force

Not content with Panzergrenadiers and British Regulars for the excellent Chain of Command rules, I've started yet another wargaming project... This time it's the chaps from the Parachute Regiment!!

The figures are a mixture of Warlord, Artizan and Crusader and I'm very pleased with how well they mix. The Warlord figures are a fraction more finely sculpted (i.e. slightly more slender weapons) but in general the scale is good.

L-R, Warlord, Crusader, Artizan. All sprayed in Warlord British Uniform Brown and ready to go!

Since I already have some supports for my regular British platoon (plus supports in Chain of Command are always considered regulars anyway) it seemed sensible to just collect the basic Para platoon of 37 figures. I may add a few Para specific supports but this lot will do for now.

But... rather than continue the theme of Normandy, I've decided to look in to a slightly different aspect of the wider European campaign - namely the invasion of Italy. This will allow me to base the figures a bit differently and maybe add a few unusual items of scenery - like a vineyard, some Mediterranean buildings, etc. However, I expect they'll still make an appearance hedge hopping through la belle Normandie too.

A couple of chaps on the TFL forum (Andy D and Rafael O) have put together heaps of useful info, lists, etc. Have a look here
Well worth a read.

 Finally... It's Remembrance Sunday, so wear your poppy with pride!

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