Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Another High Wood Practice Game

Dave and I decided to get together for another practice of the High Wood inspired WW1 demo game we've been working on. This was a much condensed version of the game as the table was limited to 6'x4', but it did allow us to try out the latest small tweaks that Dave has made to the Zero Hour rules; mainly movement and moderating the effects of artillery.

Here's the initial deployment.
On the left are the German trenches running through the wood.

Part of the British army, deployed in open order. The cavalry are being held in reserve.

A closer look at the German position. There's still quite a bit of scenery to be made (and figures to finish off!) for the demo, so in the spirit of good old-fashioned wargaming we just got on used whatever we had to hand.

The German counter-barrage finally starts to find it's targets.

Now the Germans are dropping bombs on the Tommies! In these rules the planes are not very effective but they are good fun and sometimes tempt the troops on the ground to waste some shots, blazing away in to the sky.

The British start to reach the woods but the first platoons to arrive have been badly mauled by the well prepared Germans.

Reinforcements advance on the British right.

Huzzah! Here come the cavalry hoping to exploit the 'breakthrough' created by the infantry. Hmm?

More reinforcements on the other flank. The first of the platoons from the Highland company arrive.

The Germans advance in to the wood in an attempt to dislodge increasing numbers of British. They've even dropped some gas shells in too - albeit perilously close to their own lines.

The fight for the wood becomes a ferocious scrap with close combats and short range firefights. Casualties rise quickly and soon both sides are exhausted without being able to strike the decisive blow.

Technically this was a win for the Germans - my Battle Objective was to hold the line whilst Dave's Brits had to either destroy the two best German companies, or achieve a breakthrough.

Another superb game of these excellent WW1 rules! It's great to be involved in the development of a set of wargames rules again. My thanks to Dave for coming round for the day, providing quite a few of the figures and generally being a first class chap!


Rodger said...

Looks fantastic Matt!

George Anderson said...

I concur, great looking game.

Matt said...

Thanks chaps! It's definitely still a work in progress with scenery to build and figures to complete but we're getting there!

Service Ration Distribution (Hobby) said...

Spectacular stuff. Well done indeed.

Matt said...

?!?!?! - not sure what happened to those last two posts. Blogger went bonkers.
Anyway, thanks for your comments :-D