Friday, 16 October 2015

German Sniper and a Conundrum

First off, the sniper ... a List 3 support choice in Chain of Command.

To be honest I've found these chaps a bit hit or miss (please excuse the dreadful pun!). In one game they can be great, causing heaps of 'shock' and generally worrying your opponent, then in others they're total Rhubarb! (or should that be "gesampt Rhabarber"?). They excel at taking out teams like PIATs and 2" mortars but against full sections it can be a waste of a shot.

He's actually one of the Warlord games sniper team figures from the Fallschirmjaeger range.

I particularly liked the figure as it was a little bit different from the more usual "aiming" figures. I mounted him on a slightly larger base, 30mm, just so that I could add some extra foliage.

And now the conundrum ... I find myself at something of a painting impasse ... what should I do next? I've got a couple of little scenery projects on the go (more in future posts) but I'm not sure what to paint afterwards?

I've a heap of WW2 Paras ready to paint, indeed I've already made a tentative start on a few of them to try out the camo scheme for the Denison smocks. But with the TV adaptation of Bernard Cornwell's "The Last Kingdom" only days away I might find myself switching back to painting Saxons and Vikings? I have a small Viking force ready to paint for the SAGA ruleset. But ... I still have some bits and bobs to finish off for my WW2 British and Germans... A Sherman, a Puma, etc...?

I also have a heap of CFM buildings to construct - although I'm kind-of saving them as a special treat 'coz they're great fun to build!

So ... after all that ... what's a fellow to do?


George Anderson said...

Beautiful little character Matt, I'd like to try my skills on WWII, should be clear about 2019 at this rate.

Paul O'G said...

Great job Matt - he really looks the business. I like the cult too and you did a great job with the camo

I think you've pegged it well - well used snipers are great at taking out key capabilities. Targeting officers and support weapons can really make a difference. I have a friend who like to use a lot of artillery so I snipe at his forward observers. Makes him really worried and pays great dividends when I do hit them :-)

Rodger said...

Beautiful work on this guy Matt!

Hobbyworker said...

Great work.

Paul Scrivens-Smith said...

Very nice.
I even find them useful against sections, that 'double shock' result soon adds up.

Matt said...

Thank you for your kind comments! :-)
I guess that snipers also have a psychological effect in restricting your opponent's movement?