Friday, 18 September 2015

Overwatch Counters for Chain of Command

Just a quick one today ... Too Fat Lardies make some perfectly good counters but here at The Wargames Table I fancied making something to fit in with the figures.

They are simply 25mm x 50mm MDF cavalry bases to which I've glued some prints of "overwatch" (with 45° lines), then sanded, painted and scenic-ified the 'spare' bit of the counter just like any figure. Easy and cheap as chips!


Bedford said...

Nice work Matt- another idea that I'm going to have to nick! :>)


Silver Whistle said...

Likewise, I will be copying this. Good idea and superb basing.

Rodger said...


Admiral Drax said...

Cracking blog, mate: thanks!

I shall add you to my list of places to visit...especially now I'm looking to make eventual inroads into Chain of Command...


- Drax.

Matt said...

Thanks for your kind words, much appreciated! :-)
Glad it's useful/interesting.