Sunday, 13 September 2015

Colours 2015

Saturday 12th September was show day for the Newbury & Reading Wargames Club, at Newbury Racecourse. The ground floor was the usual scrum of gamers and traders. I must say that upon entering the building I was surprised at the ... err ... rather rich aroma pervading the hall!!? Floor two was a mix of traders and games. The top floor was tournaments and demo/participation games.

The mix of traders was pretty good and I picked up a few items - some WW2 Paras and a few MDF buildings. A lot more on both of those in future posts hopefully :o)

Here's a few pictures of some of the games...

A Bolt Action table set up for a game themed around 'Allo 'Allo.

Sadly though there was no one 'manning' this table so I've no idea about how they were running things?

There was some sort of sci-fi tournament going on... A game called "Infinity" I think. Not my thing but this table looked quite impressive. Clearly a lot of effort went in to it.

A game using Radio Dish Dash's modern ruleset "Skirmish Sangin". Lots of good details.

I had hoped Too Fat Lardies would be there with a preview of their forthcoming Fighting Season game, but alas no.

The Society of Ancients played out a re-fight of Zama. This seemed to be at quite an intense point of the game, so I didn't interrupt!?

Crawley Wargames Club put on a very nice WW1 participation game where the players were in charge of stretcher bearers racing across no-man's land.

I've seen it at a couple of shows and every time the players seemed to be really enjoying themselves!

The Skirmish Wargames Society put on a good ECW game, The Battle of Newbury; very appropriate. The figures are 54mm and I must say that they do have a certain charm.

My nomination for "Best in Show" is this superb ACW demo game, Antietam I believe. Alas I cannot recall which group were presenting it.

The scenery was very good and the table also included plenty of good little vignette's for casualties, civilians, etc.

An AWI game here, nice figures etc but I do think that if you're putting on a demo then you really ought to keep the table tidy? (Just my ha'penny-worth).

Much fun was being had with this wonderful Lego or Duplo Circus Maximus game

The rules seemed simple, quick and clearly the players were really enjoying it.

The Society of Gentleman Gamers presented this super 20mm WW2 North Africa game.

The figures are beautifully painted; nice terrain too!

Abingdon Wargames Club presented this great little La Haye Saint 'skirmish' game. I'm not quite sure how the rules worked but Ian and Co were keeping the game running along at a good pace and the players were definitely having a lot of fun.

All round, an enjoyable show. I chatted to quite a few traders and they seemed to be pleased with the business they were doing. The best part though was catching up with friends and having a good laugh and natter. Great to see you all. :o)


Rodger said...

Looks like a great show Matt! Thanks for the photos.

Giles said...

Thanks for the report and photos. I love the Duplo game - my two boys would go nuts if they saw that.

Best wi8shes


Baconfat said...

Great pics, thanks for posting.

Stefan (aka. Monty) said...

Looks like a great day there.
Thanks for sharing the pics.

Andy Duffell said...

Don't think you're likely to see Fighting Season demoed for a little while Matt. Rich Clarke has had to put in on the back burner while dealing with some family stuff.

Matt said...

Thanks chaps! Show reports generally attract a lot of traffic but not usually many comments, so it's great to hear from you.

@Andy - thanks for the Intel!