Thursday, 23 July 2015

Farmhouse in Normandy

This superb model building (from Charlie Foxtrot Models) has been rather nicely painted by Jenny in a style similar to the other buildings - please see earlier posts.

Colin sells a range of 'extensions' such as the one shown on the left, allowing you to customise buildings as required. Below is a pic of the rear.

No farm could be complete without a barn.... so here it is. Again from Charlie Foxtrot Models.

A slightly better pic of the roof and side. The doors can be open, shut or ajar, as required.

As with all CFM buildings, the roof lifts off as do any upper floors.

After assembly I texture the walls with some cheap masonry paint. Be careful to avoid any seeping in to the gaps for the doors and windows as this will make the windows harder to fit. The structure is then sprayed a sandy base colour, Warlord Dunkelgelb I think. Jenny painted it by starting with a good wash of Earthshade then applied successively lighter coats of sand/cream colours, e.g. Foundry Boneyard. The interior is given a block coat of a suitable plain colour just to make it nice and tidy. The window frames and shutters are painted separately and glued on after the main building is textured and painted. A neat base with a bit of scenic garnish rounds it off nicely. Now... who makes a suitable French Farmer model?

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Rodger said...

These look wonderful Matt! Great work!