Friday, 31 July 2015

Eastern Front Buildings - Sneak Peak

Colin's at it again! No, not exposing himself on the seafront (yikes!?), he's been busy designing more lovely buildings ... and he's been kind enough to give me a little preview of his latest project. Buildings for the Eastern Front of WW2, so I just had to share. Here's the first.

One detail I particularly like are the window frames; they're in two sections, allowing you to model the window being partially open.

The roof will be supplied with card tiling sheets - or you could apply your own thatch using fur or similar. In my humble opinion this looks to be the start of a very promising new range of buildings!! Colin also has some neat tricks for painting these wooden panelled buildings quickly and effectively, but I'll let him spill those beans ;o)

Keep an eye on the Charlie Foxtrot Blog for the "official" word.

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