Thursday, 9 July 2015

Chain of Command - Platoon Rosters

Just a quick post ... one of the chaps on the TFL Chain of Command forum has produced a series of reference roster cards for each of the platoons. I'm really impressed with them - he even kindly spun up a new card for my Commando list :o)

Here's an example.

They're especially useful for anyone embarking on a campaign.

Please have a look here.

Whilst the discussions on the CoC forum can sometimes reach a level of "detail" that some might find overwhelming ... ;o) ... there are heaps of interesting and useful posts, background information, rules clarifications, etc.

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David Toone said...

Those are really nice - cheers for sharing Matt.

I have to say, I'm really taken with CoC now. although I still think the rules could have been written, laid out and proof read to a higher standard by a twelve year old child, they give a really good tactical game that gives a brilliant feel for the period.

So, now I have a great excuse to paint some Germans - happy days indeed!! :-)