Thursday, 16 July 2015

Chain of Command Jump Off Points

Here are some general purpose JOPs I've recently painted up for Jenny's Commandos. They're resin pieces that we picked up at Salute, although I cannot recall the manufacturer! Think it might have been a European company? Each is about 25-30mm in diameter.

After giving the resin a wash they were sprayed leather brown as shown.

Next, the block colours.

The bricks and tiles are blocked in GW Scorched Brown, and the concrete is Slate Grey shade. Highlights are Conker Brown shade, Brick Red shade and Slate mid/light. The earth is the usual Vallejo palette. A few dots of flock complete the finish.


Phil said...

Nicely done!

Stefan (aka. Monty) said...

Nice work, Matt.

Bedford said...

Really great idea to make them nice and subtle Matt.

Might be borrowing this idea very soon but for the North African campaign!


Paul O'G said...

Very neat!