Wednesday, 1 July 2015

British Command Group

The British Platoon Command Group are complete! :o) Here's the Lieutenant - with trusty Webley revolver - and his platoon Sergeant (with a possibly less trusty Sten).

As with other leaders, I've based them on octagonal bases and added a clump of red flowers to make them a bit easier for me to find on the table.

The 2" Mortar team.

And again.

The PIAT team.

To get what I felt was a suitable colour for the PIAT I started with Foundry Dragoon Green Shade (70A) - as per the helmet - then after the wash I applied some more 70A, followed by a mix of the shade and some Vallejo Russian Green, followed by a final highlight of Russian green. Not sure how well it comes out in the photo but I was pleased with the effect.

Another couple of pics of the PIAT.

So that's the core platoon of Command, plus three sections completed (I forgot to take a 'group' photo - doh!?). So it's on to the supports next. These will include another PIAT and 2" Mortar team, a Vickers MMG, a Forward Observation Officer, a sniper, a flamethrower team and a Universal Carrier recon team. I may also add a Sherman tank.


Rodger said...

Very very nice work Matt! I have a few Brit's to paint, I will have to come back here for a closer look!

Paul O'G said...

Great stuff Matt! I also do that with flowers for special characters. I also put white rocks on bases of figures not armed with SMLE rifles to make it easier to distinguish them. Not noticeable to anyone else but it helps me!

Paul O'G said...

Ps if you add a Sherman it's well worth sourcing a seperate Firefly turret to give you options