Saturday, 4 July 2015

A Little Saga...

It's been absolutely ages since I played Saga. Daft really when you consider that it's such a good game! So a recent trip to the club saw Mike and I dust off our Dark Ages figures.

To keep things simple we chose standard 6pt warbands; Mike with Vikings and me with Anglo-Danes. We also chose the River Crossing scenario where two warlords vie for control of territory by contesting two bridges. To win you have to get as many of your troops across the river whilst keeping the enemy out of your side. Quite a tricky balance!

Here are things a little way in to the game, Mike's force is on the right. My plan was to hold the nearer bridge and make a rush across the other, led by my Warlord.

The initial attack by the Anglo-Danes goes well. Some Hirdmen are swept off the bridge and the Warlord with his Huscarls set foot in enemy territory.

At the other bridge Mike could do little other than shoot (fairly ineffectively!) with his levies since I was using the Anglo-Dane Intimidation ability to prevent his men attacking. Clearly my Huscarls were a fearsome looking (or possibly smelling?) bunch.

Back to the real action! Mike's Bondi launch a bold attack, backed by a great combination of runes. My own warriors move up to give support, but using Saga dice to hold the other bridge was slowing my attack here.

Another Viking attack goes in and wipes out the Huscarls, leaving the Warlord alone in Viking territory. The Viking Ulfhednar are still trying to work themselves up ready for battle.

Danish reinforcements support the Warlord.

The arrows are starting to hurt but an amazing series of armour saves means that there are still Huscarls holding the other bridge.

At last the Ulfhednar throw themselves in to the fray ... and what lunatics they are!

The Danish warriors are slaughtered to a man. The Warlord can only look on as some Bondi head across the bridge.

Now, I forgot to take any more photos, but I can report that the Danish Warlord went on to heroically slaughter his Viking opposite number. In the end Mike had 5 warriors (worth 2.5 VPs) on my side of the table and I had just my Warlord (worth 3 VPs) on his side. We called it a hard fought draw!

An enormously fun game, played in a spirit of gentlemanly fairness, that came down to almost the last dice roll! :o)

Mike then went on to give Orange Dave another game of Saga. Here's Dave figuring out how best to use his dice rolls to annoy Mike! ;o) ;o)

They played the scenario where each warlord starts with 12 wounds and is deployed in the middle of the table. Dave got there first with his supporting troops and so managed a quick win against Mike's Vikings.

All in all, a very enjoyable evening.

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Great looking games!