Sunday, 14 June 2015

Third British Section

More freshly painted chaps for my Chain of Command British platoon! Well, I say "Chain of Command" but I'd be happy to give Bolt Action a whirl too! :o)

The Rifle team.

Bren gun team.

Detail of the Bren Gun team base.

The corrugated iron is simply plastic-card painted in a very dark grey, then a couple of highlights of lighter greys (seems to give a better effect of galvanised metal than metallic paints) whilst the bricks are off-cuts of plastic strip (sprue will do). They were painted in GW Scorched Brown, followed by Foundry Conker Brown Shade/Mid and a final highlight of Foundry Brick Red shade

The Lieutenant, Platoon Sergeant, PIAT and 2" Mortar are almost done, plus a variety of supports are well underway.


Rodger said...

Terrific paintwork Matt!

Moiterei_1984 said...

Lovely all round!

George Anderson said...

Very nice. I am hoping to try out Bolt Action soon as I am not keen on the 'other WWII' game.

Matt said...

Thanks chaps!

@George - As an ex-navy fellow I would have thought a spot of "CoC" would have been right up your alley!! ;-) :o) :o)
Seriously, have you given Chain of Command a whirl? Be interested to hear your views on BA.

Stefan (aka. Monty) said...

Really nice work on these Brits.
Very well done!

Paul Scrivens-Smith said...

Lovely work as usual.
I would too recommend Chain of Command over Bolt Action. The latter is a decent enough game but does not feel like you are playing WWII.