Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Normandy in Miniature

When it comes to producing gorgeous scenic kits and models, chum Colin is a veritable machine! I thought it would be worth spending a few moments highlighting some of his latest superb creations.

Here's the new stable block.

Lovely detail!

This is a table-edge terrace (there's also a full terrace available too - in both French or English styles) with optional front gardens.

More great detail.

A rear view of some shops (including the Boulangerie and Brasserie) along with the rear gardens/yards.

For the Brasserie.

For the Boulangerie.

Another view of the edge terrace (French version).

For the full scale terrace (i.e. whole buildings that can be placed anywhere on the table), Colin has produced this wonderfully characterful back yard set. Amazing!

So, if you're in need of buildings for Chain of Command, Bolt Action, VBCW, etc; or you just fancy looking at some lovely wargaming scenery, then head over to Charlie Foxtrot Models.


Rodger said...

They are truly stunning!

Matt said...

I certainly think so! :-)
Colin's attention to detail in the kits is superb. Plus he's a great fellow and a pleasure to do business with.