Monday, 1 June 2015

Maps for Chain of Command

I've long admired the map-making skills of people like Rich at Too Fat Lardies, Andy in the battle reports on his superb blog tinyhordes and the professional work of George which you can find on his blog musingswargameslife. So I thought it was about time I gave it a whirl myself. This was rather helped along by finding the notes Rich made for the Roundwood Report in the TFL 2014 Xmas Special, where he described how he uses PowerPoint to create the maps for Chain of Command. Very useful indeed! (Thanks Sidney). Anyway, here's my first go.

It's not a map for anything in particular at this stage, just a bit of fun. Here's some of the components I've created.

Certainly more enjoyable than the usual PowerPoint duties! ;o)

To find the 'texture' for the trees, hedge, etc, I simply did a search on-line for forests and woods. The fields were just that - pictures of fields! Andy has suggested a couple of very interesting items of software: Battle Chronicler and Gliffy. So I shall be investigating these for future map-making efforts.

I may use these sort of maps to detail the campaign that I started to create; basically D-Day and D-Day +1 on the eastern-most flank of the allied bridgehead, across the Orne river where the Airborne Division held off a number of determined German counter-attacks.


Rodger said...

Maps can be a bit of fun to create. Have a look at the free stuff here. I have used this program to create the maps for some of my games.

David Toone said...

Super work Matt!

Love a good map for any game.

Matt said...

Thanks Chaps!

@Dave - I may combine the lists, background, etc from Kampfgruppe von Luck with some new maps to do 8 Para's attack on the bridges at Bures and Troarn.

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