Friday, 1 May 2015

The British are coming!

As well as starting a new job at work (same company, but different development team) I've also started a new army! Here are the chaps of the first section for my Chain of Command British.

I'm collecting the force with the Normandy campaign in mind, although I've included a mix of equipment types. The later war British figures tend to have helmets with webbing and foliage, but I've mixed in plain helmets too. Looks fine to me. Here's the Bren Gun Team.

They're a mix of Artizan and Crusader figures. The Corporal with a Sten gun.

The Rifle Team.

My painting "recipe" is as follows.

Start with a good, even coat of Warlord British Uniform spray. I did some figures with a lighter sand colour which was 'ok' but the darker uniform base seems to work better.

Base Colours
Uniform - Vallejo British Uniform.This just looks more 'British Uniform' than the spray.
Webbing - Either Foundry Boneyard mid or Vallejo Russian Green. I decided to do the webbing in a mix of sand and 'pale green' colours.
Flesh - Foundry Flesh mid.
Helmet - Foundry Forest Green shade.
Rifle, entrenching tool handle, helmet strap, etc - Foundry Bay Brown shade, or Foundry Spearshaft shade or Vallejo Chocolate Brown.
Weapons, boots, bayonet, etc - Black.

Apply a generous wash of GW Agrax Earthshade, or perhaps Army Painter strong tone ink.
Leave to dry thoroughly, preferably overnight.

This is the fun bit! Start by using the original base colours, then apply a quick highlight of either the next lighter Foundry colour in the triad, or just add a bit of Boneyard light to the Vallejo colour. It's worth doing the second highlight as it brings out the detail nicely. I finish off by highlighting the metal in a dull silver, e.g. GW Chainmail. It probably ought to be darker but I prefer a lighter result.

Simply a quick brush of W&N anti-UV artists varnish.

PVA and sand the base. Then Vallejo Flat Earth, followed by highlights of Gold Brown, Tan Yellow and Dark Sand. Then apply flock, static grass, foliage, etc.

Hope that's useful.


Ray Rousell said...

Beautiful paintjob Matt.

Moiterei_1984 said...

They look fantastic! Very well done. Somehow my VMC British Uniform is much lighter and more brownish than greenish though.

George Anderson said...

Nice, almost makes me wish I enjoyed WWII. So much lovely stuff available for the period these days.

Matt said...

Thanks chaps!


Paul O'G said...

Great stuff old Bean!

Paul Scrivens-Smith said...

Lovely work.

Matt said...

@Paul OG - thanks!
@Scrivs - thanks, great game at Salute BTW. Was going to interrupt for a quick chat but you were clearly in full flow!