Friday, 3 April 2015

Generic Casualty Markers

Here’s some counters that I’ve made to go with Jenny’s British Celt army.

The figures are from Black Tree Design – Legionary and Auxiliary casualties. The bases are from Warbases.

They were undercoated white, then black and chainmail/brass for the armour. The rest was block painted in Foundry base/shade colours before applying a thin wash of GW Agrax Earthshade. Then it was simply a matter of applying the shade / mid / light of each triad.

Since she’ll be playing War & Conquest they’ll be used as Push & Shove markers (basically a way of recording one side’s advantage in an ongoing mêlée). I’ve also painted up a very interesting “Boudicca” model, but that can wait for a later post. ;o)


DeanM said...

Very impressively done. They'll be a great addition on the gaming table.

Paul O'G said...

Really neat, and you could piles corpse of all sizes on those bases. One could even achieve the Black Adder "two crossed dead Frenchmen, emblazoned on a mound of dead Frenchmen motif" :-)

Sidney Roundwood said...

Really super, and will certainly enhance any battlefield!

David Toone said...

Nice one Matt!

Hopefully Jenny won't get to use them against me in May :-)