Friday, 13 March 2015

Wargaming Daydreams

To take my mind off some of the heavier day-to-day stuff in life, I've been day-dreaming a bit about what armies I'd really like to build if I had (a) the money, and (b) the time...

Early Imperial Romans
First up it has to be completing my rather too modest EIR collection. I really like the Black Tree Auxilliary figures - they're top notch, but the Legion figures are definitely a bit "middling" in terms of figure quality. The newer range from Aventine are good but they are kitted out for a slightly later era than the conquest of Britannia. The Legion need to be at the larger end of the figure scale to fit in with the Auxilia, so I'll probably have to stick with the BTD Legion figures.

Caesarian Romans
A couple of years back I bought an army deal from Warlord when they released their plastic range of Caesar's Legions, along with some light troops such as Numidians. Typically for me they are still on the sprues. But I now I find myself looking at the Foundry range - superb figures that are full of character!
Chum Paul has some super painting from this range. Very inspirational. Maybe one day I'll flog the plastic and buy the lead. Maybe.

Ancient Germans
Ever since I first saw Phil's Germanic horde I thought that this army looked superb! I think his are mainly Foundry figures.
As with Caesar's Legions, they have bags of character and would make a nice change from the Gallic/British Celts I've used in the past. Perhaps I could begin by recruiting a few to help out as allies for Rome, then go on to build a 'proper' army? I'd really like to do some Rhine Frontier games either with Caesar, or his slightly later colleagues, trying to hold back the hairy hordes. I can just see a horde of Germans emerging from pine forests ... remind you of any films? ;o)

At the last Foundry W&C event I bought 10 packs of Normans. Again, they're still in the blisters. I have a reasonable sized Saxon army but the painting is a bit "hit and miss" (dipped). The Normans have always fascinated me. This was probably why, back in my younger WHFB days, I collected a Bretonnian army - don't laugh! This army would make a wonderful change from the less-than-dynamic shieldwalls of the Saxons.

It's not all Ancients & Early Medieval you know...

WW2 British
I have a number of blisters of Artizan British.
These are lovely figures too - which is probably why I indulged a whim a few months back and bought them! One day they may get painted - probably as Chain of Command force.

There's plenty more I could ramble on about... my own Viking army, WW2 US Airborne, Arthurian Romano-British, etc. But I think that's enough for now.

Whatever you day-dream about, enjoy your toys with your friends! :o)


Phil Robinson said...

Ah! The joy of wargaming, so much to tempt one and so little time.

Simon Miller said...

The Black Tree legionaries are, indeed, pretty poor. Luckily though the larger Foundry "Saleh" legionaries are a perfect size match for the nicer BTD Auxilia, and great sculpts, to boot. I have around 500 painted up. There isn't much variety in the poses but I do head swaps and mix in Foundry Caesarians with helmet swaps.

Gordon Richards said...

Yeah...I do a lot of Wargaming Daydreaming, too!

George Anderson said...

What a great idea, my own daydreaming is usually about......well, no need to go into that.

Romans, you can't beat em.

DeanM said...

You have some nice dreams going on. I have some Warlord EIR - painted & based, but was thinking of selling them off to pick up some Aventine. I'm also thinking of doing Alesia in 2mm with Irregular troops.

legatus hedlius said...

I used BTD command for my Steve Saleh Foundry Romans and they worked perfectly - I sold them all to Big Red Bat, though!

You have a commendably small number of potential projects! I'm dreaming of cutting mine down!

Spiderweb of History said...

Ah if money was no object haha! I'm thankfully at the point (even as early into the hobby as I am) of having the core forces for 95% of the conflicts/periods/genres I want to game. Now it's just a matter of keeping a weather eye on eBay, Amazon, and the misc. vendors for sales on items to flesh out the forces.

Rodger said...

Nothing like a bit of dreaming Matt!