Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Charlie Foxtrot Models - Part 1

I'm delighted to announce that Wargames Table chum Colin Farrant has now launched his MDF scenery business on the web! You can find out more here http://www.charliefoxtrotmodels.com/. Colin is a very nice chap to do business with and the quality/price of the kits is superb! Plus they're very easy and enjoyable to build. After construction all the walls need is a little bit of texture, e.g. masonry paint, and they're ready to paint.

Here's the Norman Farmhouse as painted by Jenny. Good isn't it?!

The Commandos approach cautiously...

... and decide to check out the back yard.

The doors, windows and shutters are separate items (included in the kit!) so they can be painted more easily, then added in to the building structure. The detail is ace.

Jenny has painted the plain floors in an antiqued wood effect.

Plenty of room to add furniture if you like, or leave it empty to accommodate more figures.

Colin also has a lovely old Norman-style stone barn kit. Again this was beautifully painted by Jenny.

A German takes advantage of the views from the mezzanine floor.

Farms need sheds ... here's a slightly dilapidated stone shed. The fences are also from CFM.

A wooded garden shed.

There are heaps more excellent kits available from Charlie Foxtrot Models, e.g. a boulangerie, a corner shop, another farmhouse, a variety of sheds and barns so give them a whirl! If you cannot see exactly what you want then perhaps drop Colin a line to see if he can customise an existing kit. Highly recommended.

More buildings in future posts.


GReg said...

Very nice indeed just a pity no 20mm versions. It seems all the MDF creators have decided to go 28mm and 15mm leaving 20mm by way side. I'm sure with his CAD skills he could make a 20mm range but that is up to him!

Rodger said...

They look pretty damn good!