Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Perry DAK

Before I go any further let's get one thing clear ... it's all Orange Dave's fault! ;o)

OK, so he didn't actually force me to purchase a box of Perry Afrikakorps, but he did arrange a game of Chain of Command recently where he clearly stated that he would be using Perry's 8th army figures. What else could I do but purchase some of Rommel's finest?

I only managed to paint a few (I ordered the box just 5 days before the game) but that was ok as Dave had only got a few painted British, so we were about even.

I'm really impressed with this set of plastic figures. Only £20 for 38 miniatures. They're a little fiddly to build sometimes but they're nicely detailed. A few more 'rifle arms' in the box would have been handy though! With only a few additional blisters of metal figures I'll be able to build a very smart force for Chain of Command.

The games themselves (we squeezed two in to one club evening) were visually rather awful - a green table, a mish-mosh of unmatched terrain, mostly unpainted figures, etc, but in terms of gaming fun they were simply splendid!!

It really reminded me of when I first got in to playing wargames way back in the mid-80's. Using whatever came to hand for figures and terrain, then letting your imagination and enthusiasm fill in the rest. All round jolly good fun indeed!

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Paul O'G said...

Very old school, and still very cool!