Saturday, 29 November 2014

Visit Foundry ... Start another army!

Yes, dear blog reader I couldn’t resist all those packs lining the walls of the Foundry shop!

After seeing some of the lovely figures at the recent W&C National Tournament I just had to make a 'proper' start on another Dark Ages army.

To be fair I have (a) got a decent sized Saxon force done, (b) already made a tentative step towards a Norman force when I purchased some plastics to do Saga force, so it's not entirely a new army. Really. If you think about it. ;o)

Plus I already have a few packs of Normans from Crusader Miniatures in the lead mountain. Then there's the old GW Bretonnians that have a few re-usable figures. So, actually, it made perfect sense to get some Normans from Foundry!

It's not a project that I'll start immediately - I really have to get my CoC Late War Germans done first (otherwise Phil is going to get really cross!). After that I'd be keen to paint a few Normans!


JP Chapleau said...

Rationalizing FOR THE WIN! I like how you think... now if my panty-clad-overlordess could just see it that way the world would be at peace! :D

Simon Miller said...

Buying the Normans 'cos one already has a few minis is my kind of logic! I have armies of a thousand that started off when someone gave me a couple of minis. ;-)

Matt said...

@JPC - "panty-clad-overlordess" ... I'll ask Jenny how she feels about that title - sounds quite good to me!?

@Simon - I knew you'd understand! :o) I hope TTS is going well. I'll have to put it on my Chrimbo list!

Thanks chaps!


Simon Miller said...

Thanks Matt, yes is going very well! I'm going to start painting some more Romans tonight, to celebrate. :-)

Rodger said...

When it comes to gaining more lead, any excuse is a good excuse! Enjoy!

Paul O'G said...

I too love the rationalisation and your kindred spirit as a man with the hobby buying fortitude of a warm Mars bar!

I too like the idea of a panty-clad-overlordess :-)