Thursday, 7 August 2014

Newly Painted Vikings

Yes I have been at it again with the brushes! After seeing Dave and Dan's lovely Viking and Irish figures at the recent Devizes show I was inpsired to paint these fellows.

I have really enjoyed painting them; it's quite some time since I did any 'proper' painting. By that I mean not using the dip. For these I start from a black undercoat and apply a Foundry-esque style three colour process.

Here they are with their shields (LBMS of course!).

A close up.

Another close up.

I hope that these will be start of a Norse/Scots force. All Crusader figures apart from the chap with yellow and black 'raven' style shield - he's a GB Early Saxon!.

Finally ... things on the blog will go quiet for a bit as we'll soon be off for our Summer holidays!



Rodger said...

Awesome!! Great work on these Matt! Just been undercoating some Vikings myself!

Lurkus Spleen said...

Very nice indeed mate but does Jen know your painting her figures again ;0).

Anyway I hope you and the family have a nice holiday and hopefully i'll see you in September.

Cheers, Steve.

Paul Waechter said...

Excellent work, they look great! Viking figures are quite versatile too, every home should have some :-)

The Kiwi said...

Superb looking Vikings.
Excellent work.

Phil Turner said...


Nice of you to paint Jenny's figures for her. Although they're so well painted I suspect that the paint job is her work and you did the shields :):):)

Anyway I hope to put them to the sword in the new future.

Have a great holiday.


Phil said...

Excellent paint job, these Vikings are really impresive!