Sunday, 31 August 2014

Lion Rampant?

If you've picked up the latest Wargames Illustrated (Issue 323) then you will have probably read about the new offering from Osprey Lion Rampant, penned by one of my favourite games designers, Dan Mersey. I already have his Dux Bellorum rules, which although I've not played, do look to be superb. Therefore I have high hopes for Lion Rampant.

The medieval era is one that really lights my imagination, whether it's early medieval such as Normans, Saxons, etc, or later such as the HYW or WotR. Not for nothing did I have a large Bretonnian host back in my WFB days! But ... I've never really enjoyed playing huge medieval battles. They always seem to be a bit "line up and bash each other" type games. So the idea of playing dynamic skirmish games with bold knights, trusty sergeants-at-arms is too good to pass up.

This really is a classic case of a wargamer seeing the latest shiny thing, but hey it's a hobby, so let's have fun!

Since I already have quite a few psuedo-medieval figures (from the aforementioned Bretonnian army) that would serve as as good stand-ins, then it's not quite such a daft plan as it might first appear. It certainly sounds like you don't need too many figures.

Speaking of figures ... Those plastics from Fire Forge Games look ace! Then there's the Perry plastics WR1,WR20,WR40 and WR50.

I'll defintely be getting a copy of this book!


Paul Liddle said...

Me too, I've had Lion Rampant pre-ordered for a while now. I'm quite jealous that the Aussies have already got theirs.

Paul oftheManCave said...

I'll be getting these too - guess I picked the wrong time to move away from Australia!

Hendrid said...

Looking to get into these rules when they arrive, too. Always liked a Medieval Skirmish and have generally used Retinue up till now but looking forward to a change so LR should be good. The reviews and write-ups do look promising. All the hail the Shiny!

The Kiwi said...

Got the book and did a small test of the rules. My review so far.....AWESOME!

Rodger said...

I think I'll be looking into these too!

Matt said...

Thanks for the feedback chaps!

Sidney Roundwood said...

Great post, Matt. I have to say, after enjoying reading through Dux Bellorum, I've high hopes or Lion Rampant. Thanks for the heads up!