Saturday, 23 August 2014

Chain of Command - Tactical Markers

Chain of Command requires the use of a number of markers or 'counters' to keep track of what troops are doing. You can purchase a perfectly usable set of plastic tokens from TFL. These do the trick admirably but I prefer to create my own more scenic versions - if possible.

When troops are moving 'tactically' they are moving more slowly in order to make the most of any cover. In game terms this means they have an improved cover save. To represent this I've made a small set of scenic features to place in front of the troops to indicate this 'tactical' status.

First, some bullet riddled corrugated iron for when troops are moving amongst buildings.

The reverse in more detail. They're just offcuts of corrugate plasticard with some bits of match stick and plastic bricks.

Here are some fences - ideal if troops are moving tactically across farmland.

These are meant to be either bushes or parts of a hedge for when troops are crossing more open areas.

They're all based on Warbases MDF 25mm x 50mm bases. I shall probably make a few more, may be some with tree trunks, or brick walls?

Also in Chain of Command, troops may become pinned down by enemy shooting. To represent troops 'pinned' in this manner I've made a counter that supposed to show the ground erupting in puffs of dirt as machine gun fire strikes the earth.

I'm not sure if it really comes across well in the photo?

Again it's a cavalry base with some short lengths of brass rod inserted at a slight angle. I glued some clump foliage to the rod then (when fully dry!) gave it a couple of coats of brown spray paint - this toughens the foliage considerably. A few highlights of light brown/cream and model the base to match the others.

Here are a few more in in progress.

I've also realised that whilst a single base can be used for pinning, two bases (4" width) would be useful for representing Covering Fire in CoC.

Definitely interested in your thoughts on these counters, especially the covering fire pinning counters.



Moiterei_1984 said...

Nice looking counters. I especially like the pin markers. I think they really do the trick.

Phil said...

Great looking counters, very nice work!

DeanM said...

Great looking markers. Haven't tried the rules yet; seen a lot of nice games on blogs though. Didn't know about the markers until now. Best, Dean

Michael Mills said...

The pin markers are jolly clever sir!

Rodger said...

Fantastic looking counters! Very impressive!

Ray Rousell said...

Nice painting and excellent looking counters!