Friday, 27 June 2014

Dry Stone Walls - A 'How To'

Recently I noticed that my local model shop stocked a range of resin dry stone walls, made by Javis. At first glance they look "ok" but perhaps a bit basic. So I wondered if they could be "enhanced" with a little effort. I bought a few pieces and tried it out ... and was delighted with the results. Therefore, I've compiled a step by step guide to how I improved these scenic pieces.

Here's the starting point. Serviceable but a bit basic.

The first stage is just cleaning and preparation. Soak the walls in warm soapy water and use a scrubbing brush to remove the flock. Dry thoroughly and undercoat with a matt black spray.

I've used Foundry colours for the stones as they produce the excellent Slate Grey set so no mixing is required! The next shot shows the result after a heavy dry-brush** with Slate Grey 32A.

**For those not familiar with the term it's simply a process where you put a small amount of paint on your brush, then wipe most of it off until the brush is almost dry. Then lightly draw the brush across the model or scenery and the paint will adhere to the uppermost areas. Very easy, but worth practising perhaps on a tissue, your hand, the dog, etc. Oh, and make sure you use an old brush!

Next, a lighter dry-brush of Slate Grey 32B.

Then Slate Grey 32C. Make sure these lighter colours are applied sparingly.

Finally, a very light dry-brush of pure white. Go easy with it!

The base is painted using Vallejo Leather Brown.

Then highlighted with Vallejo Flat Earth.

Then Vallejo Tan Yellow.

I've then applied some patches of static grass; GW Burnt Grass and the lighter Noch Meadow Grass.

But why stop there? Out came the Woodland Scenics clump foliage and some Mini-Natur tufts. I have quite a few pieces done so I've made some look far more overgrown than others.

Here are some of the BEF - perhaps on exercise somewhere?

"Tally-ho chaps! Let's scramble over these delightful dry stone walls and give the enemy six of the best!"

A real bonus is that they cost just over £1 each, so I've made 5 feet (150cm) for just £12. :o)

I hope you found that useful.


David Toone said...

Those look great Matt.

Nice work on the extra greenery on the actual walls - very effective!

Phil Turner said...


Good job. The walls look really effective.


Michael Mills said...

The extra greenery on the walls really makes them pop. Well done!

Paul oftheManCave said...

Cracking terrain mate, useful for any genre!

Neil Scott said...

a great idea that I will have to try

Moiterei_1984 said...

They do look great!

DeadGuy said...

Looks good. Did a very simular thing foe adobe type walls.

Tony said...

I regularly touch-up my model walls (and other shop bought terrain pieces).

I think it adds to their individuality and in most cases improves the look/

Good luck with you projects.


Zia Joaquin said...

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