Thursday, 8 May 2014

Legionary 2014 Show Report

It’s May so it must be time for another Legionary show in Exeter! This year Scarab Miniatures had arranged a modest War & Conquest competition. There were two categories; “Dark Ages” and “Classical”. I could have entered either but settled upon giving my Saxons a run out. Fellow competitors in the Dark Ages competition were fielding Picts, Vikings and more Saxons.

Now, I should point out that whilst it is billed as a “competition” I can assure you that the atmosphere is very relaxed and aimed entirely at having fun games – just the ticket! Here’s a pic of the games in full swing.

Round One
The classic Saxons versus Vikings battle. My opponent was ‘Dave the Viking’. He’s certainly called Dave but I’m fairly sure his surname isn’t “Viking”!? Here’s a few pics

This, like most games of War & Conquest, was a fairly close game right up until then end. We both had the ‘take and hold’ objective so the centre of the field saw some ferocious combat. After the allotted seven turns neither of us could claim outright victory so the points were added up and Dave was the winner. Well done mate!

Round Two
After a quick spot of lunch and an even quicker run around the games and trade stands it was on to round two. My opponent was Alan and his lovely Pictish army. Here’s some pics.

Now I must admit to rather fluffing up my deployment which left me on the back foot from the outset. Alan was able to exploit this, especially with the large number of skirmishers in his army. The hill became a Saxon graveyard. So a solid victory for Alan.

Sadly, these two defeats left me at the bottom of the table :’( ... Well, I suppose I can always do better at the next event!? Many thanks to my two splendid opponents for two good games.

The show itself seemed to be fairly subdued in terms of numbers of people attending. I chatted with a few of the traders around the hall and it seemed like most had a rather quiet day. Holding a show on a Public Holiday weekend is a bit of a double edged sword, particularly if the weather is good (as it was in the South West). Anyway, here’s a few pics of a couple of the tables that caught my interest.

Franco-Prussian War

Napoleonics – The Battle Vimeiro

More pics can be found on the Scarab Forum here. These events are always jolly god fun so why not join us at the next one in Devizes.


The Kiwi said...

Great photos of great looking games.

David Toone said...

Nice write up Matt and some lovely looking armies there too!