Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Dux Bellorum ... One Day!

A while back I ordered a heap of bases from Warbases in order to get a little further along the way to being able to play Dux Bellorum. However, my inner gaming butterfly soon flitted elsewhere and they were consigned to a storage box.

But ... now that I'm in the process of applying magentic basing I've been sorting out my Saxon forces and realised that I had more than a few Early Saxons (from the superb Musketeer range, sold by Gripping Beast) mixed in with my 9-11th century fellows. So, here they are on their as-yet-to-be-sanded-and-painted movement trays.

That's 1 x Companions, 2 x Noble Warriors, 3 x Ordinary Warriors and 2 x Skirmishers, giving a total of 26pts! All I need to do is paint a couple more Gedriht and 5 javelin armed Geoguth and that's an army ready to go! OK, I may also go through them and replace a few of the larger shields with bucklers as that's how I see them being equipped in the 5-6th centuries.

However, it's a slightly different story for my Romano-British ... as you can see in the pic below.

Rather more to do here methinks! That's 1 x Companions, 2 x Noble Shieldwall, 2 Ordinary Shieldwall and almost 1 x Skirmishers. Only 22 points, and quite a mix of figures, GB, Musketeer, West Wind and Artizan. Oh dear - more discipline is definitely required when buying toys. Fortunately they mix fairly well. What these chaps need (aside from a couple more packs of ordinary warriors) is some cavalry! Thankfully, there are several good ranges out there - my favourite is probably the new(ish) Arthurian cavalry from Musketeer.

So, still some work to do but I'm pleased to find that I have more troops ready than I realised. If anyone has any tips for players new to Dux Bellorum, e.g. army size, composition, key rules, etc, then please do let me know.


Phil Turner said...


Curtey's miniatures do a very nice range of early Saxons and Romano British


The Kiwi said...

Armys growing. Always a good sight.

Matt said...

Thanks chaps :o)

@Phil - Hmmmm ... the few pics I've seen on the website left me feeling a bit unsure? Probably best to see them 'in the metal'



Phil Turner said...


I've got some of them. You saw them at our last game. I would definitely recommend them.


Matt said...

Did I???

Oh dear!

Paul Scrivens-Smith said...

Nicely done. I rekindled my Dux Bellorum games a couple of weeks ago.
I plan to take a look at the Curteys new stuff at Parizan this weekend.

GuitarheroAndy said...

I really enjoyed Dux Bellorum when I played it. Trouble is, few folk at my club are really into it, so I haven't played in ages. The key part of the game is the allocation of leadership points. You never have enough for what you need... I always take monks in my Romano British army. They add extra leadership points but are very brittle so one has to keep them out of harms way... Remember also that early Saxons just pretty well ignore terrain, whereas the shield walls of your Romano Brits suffer in it. Shield walls are tough to get rid of, but do not hit hard, so combat with them is a grind. You definitely need Romano British cavalry to flank the enemy who are grinding your shield walls. I field the comitatus mounted myself, although I can see the attraction of having them on foot...keep us posted with progress...

Matt said...

Many thanks for all the tips and suggestions - especially the cav!
I will be sure to post further progress here.

Had a closer look at the Curteys figures and I must now say that I think they're rather splendid!
Really looking forward to seeing some first hand.

Thanks again chaps!


Phil said...

These troops are looking great, love the colors and the diversity!