Monday, 7 April 2014

Heavy Machine Gun

Whilst things have been rather more hectic than usual recently, I have managed to get a bit of painting done... Here's a Heavy Machine Gun to give my Austro-Hungarians some much needed support!

The figures are from Renegade but mix in well with my mostly Scarab Miniatures force.

I have a further batch of figures on the painting table and going well; a Company Command group plus another platoon. When they're done I'll be about half-way to completing the army.

On a different note - we're off to Belgium soon! Staying in Ypres for a week. More about that in future posts. :o)


Monty said...

Nice paintjob. I like it very much.


DeanM said...

Great looking gun and crew

Phil said...

Beautiful work, this HMG is really nice!

Sidney Roundwood said...

Splendid, Matt. The Renegade HMG crew is just perfect for no-man's land deployment with the prone position. It's probably my favourite of all the MG08s on the market in 28mm. Beautiful paint job, Sir!

Keith said...

Superb stuff Matt

Moiterei_1984 said...

Fantastic looking mg team.