Sunday, 16 March 2014

The Painting Challenge - Mission Accomplished!!!

Here are my final entries for the Painting Challenge. Another 18 Austro-Hungarian infantry which equates to 90 points so my total is now 514 points, just passing my target of 500 points. Hooray!

Some close ups.

Officers waiting to signal the start of the "Big Push".

All Scarab figures apart from the two-man flamethrower which is Renegade.

Hope you like them.


Sidney Roundwood said...

Awesome Matt - mission accomplished indeed! Well done, Sir

jmilesr said...

Great job!

Lurkus Spleen said...

Nice one mate.


Andrew Saunders said...

Superb work Matt, a good achievement

Moiterei_1984 said...

Fabulous work! Congrats for your achievements.

DeanM said...

Great looking troops; Scarab makes some nice models. Dean

Matt said...

Many thanks to you all!

Yes, Scarab do make lovely figures :o)



Baconfat said...

They look terrific and full of character.

Keith said...

Superb Stuff Matt