Monday, 13 January 2014

Romfell Armoured Car - Painting Challenge Entry

A unexpected day off has given me the opportunity to complete my Austro-Hungarian Romfell armoured car! Here it is, along with some troops giving directions and cheering.

This is also my entry for the third bonus round of the Painting Challenge which has a theme of vehicles; so that's 15 points for the vehicle itself and an extra 50 points for the bonus! I've really enjoyed painting this and plan to add another with a commander peering out of the hatch. Scarab have an excellent A/H officer with binoculars in one of the HMG packs that would be ideal.

The painting recipe was:-
  • White undercoat
  • Solid basecoat of Foundry Granite mid
  • Light wash of thinned GW Devlan mud (now Agrax Earthshade?)
  • Further (less thinned) Devlan mud wash to pick out all the rivets/bolts and other little features.
  • Drybrush with basecoat taking care not to obscure the weathering from the washes!
  • Final very light drybrush of Foundry Granite light just to pick out the edges.
  • Tyres - black then Foundry Slate Grey shade
  • Chain/hmg - black, GW Tin Bitz, GW Boltgun Metal

Here's a slightly closer shot.

I must credit my lovely wife for the idea of the cross insignia. I had tried to paint some on a scrap of card but they always looked lop-sided or just plain rubbish. So she suggested printing somthing suitable in best quality on very thin paper. The Wingdings font has a suitable cross. Carefully trimmed, glued and covered with some matt artists varnish it does the job perfectly.

Next, more infantry!


Moiterei_1984 said...

Very well done. Your Romfell looky spot on.

Lurkus Spleen said...

Very nice indeed mate, will have to get some more WW1 games in.

Cheers, Steve.

Matt said...

Thanks chaps!

@Lurkus - oh yes mate! Definitely intend to play a lot more this year :o)



Quentin said...

That's a very nice armoured car. I wish I could do weathering like that - I have no problem getting a weathered effect on my real car, but models seem a bit more difficult. By the way, I can lend you some laser decal film if you need to do any more home-made markings.

Almost inspires me to get on with my next project.

Keith said...

Cracking Stuff Matt

Mark Fuller said...

Its nice to see my work painted well.Its rare for me to be sent a link to such a clean piece of work.
Theres also a series 3 Austin that would work well with your figures.

Glenn Brown said...

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