Sunday, 1 December 2013

The Hobbit: Painting Goblins ... Fast!

A while back, whilst struggling to think of suitable festive presents for our youngest, I suggested to 'HQ' that we ought to get GW's Hobbit boxed set. "Oh, I'll paint up the figures beforehand, no problem" I blithely assured a decidedly sceptical 'Senior Officer'. Hmmm? Think she knew what she was on about!

With the festive season drawing close I thought "Crumbs, better pull my finger out!". Thorin's company are wonderful figures and deserve a reasonable effort in terms of painting, but the Goblins are another matter. They can have a quick paint-job and like it.

First step was to prepare and prime them. The figures are well moulded with very little in the way of mould lines, so that saved some time. They were undercoated white using GW spray. Then I gave them a good base coat of Foundry Rawhide light. Here they are.

Drybrushing is the speed-painter's friend. The result is often a little untidy but serviceable. So out came the Foundry Boneyard light and a large brush.

After that it was a matter of picking out some details (loincloth, weapons, bags, etc) in either black or dark brown, Vallejo Leather Brown to be precise. The brown was given a wash of Devlan Mud (thinned ink would do as GW don't make Devlan Mud anymore). The black was given a couple of very quick highlights of mid and light grey. Weapons were easy; black, drybrush with GW Tin Bitz (dark coppery bronze) and a very quick highlight of GW Boltgun Metal, this gives them a suitably rusty appearance. Here's the finished - but un-based - result.

A close up. I gave the 'hair' and eye sockets a quick was of thinned Devlan mud, simply to bring out the details a little better.

All 36 figures done. Not bad for just two evenings work!


Ray Rousell said...

Not bad at all!!!

Scott said...

Quick work indeed!